Prosecco with a Difference: Col Fondo

Welcome to Prosecco World, where we explore the fascinating world of Prosecco and its delightful variations. Today, we would like to introduce you to a unique member of the Prosecco family - Springo Green: Prosecco col Fondo. Its dryness, sharpness, and mineral notes, combined with its "green" nature and unforgettable taste, make it a true gem in the realm of Prosecco. 

Springo Green: Prosecco col Fondo

What sets Springo Green apart is its distinct character - it is very dry, sharp, and mineral. The secret of this unique taste is the production method: col fondo (or sui lieviti). Unlike the usual Charmat method (or Martinotti), Prosecco Col Fondo undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, allowing the yeasts to remain in contact with the wine. Moreover, Springo Green is classified as Brut nature, meaning no additional sugar is added during the production process. No wonder that Col Fondo has become a rising trend in fashion bars from Rome to Milano. Are you tempted?


By employing this age-old technique, Springo Green offers a truly "green" and pure experience. The nose reveals apple, peach and hints of freshly baked bread. Some may even describe the taste of Springo Green as cidery, and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. This unique flavor profile adds an intriguing twist to the traditional Prosecco experience, making Springo Green a captivating choice for those seeking something different.

Another unique characteristic of Springo Green is its cloudy appearance. This cloudiness is a testament to its artisanal craftsmanship and the presence of the yeasts within the bottle. As Kristyna Weston, the founder of Prosecco World, puts it, "A sip of this Prosecco Springo Green transports you to the Italian coast, thanks to its minerality, it just shouts 'seaside'." 
Springo Green: Prosecco col Fondo

When it comes to pairing, Springo Green is extremely food-friendly. It is a wonderful match for seafood, cheese, salami and other appetisers and party snacks. However, our favourite match is rather unconventional: pizza! What pizza and Prosecco? Yes, trust us! The crispness and sharpness of the Prosecco beautifully complement the flavors of a perfectly baked pizza, creating a true harmony. This is a must try for those who don't like beer or sugary soft drinks with their pizza.


Springo Green is more than just a delicious drink. It embodies a commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. With its "green" approach, Springo Green is not only a pleasure for your taste buds, but also a conscious choice for the planet, particularly as Springo Green is also vegan friendly.

Le Manzane Prosecco Col Fondo Springo Green Sustainable Prosecco

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey through the world of Prosecco and indulge in the exceptional, look no further than Springo Green: Prosecco col Fondo. 
Cheers to Springo Green, the perfect companion for your next pizza night or any special occasion!
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