3-2-1: SprinGO!!!

3-2-1: SprinGO!!!

3-2-1: SprinGO!!! My favourite period of the year is here and I could not be more excited as this year I'm going to swing into spring with our SPRINGO COLLECTION, the exclusive collection of Prosecco DOCG from Italian family brand Le Manzane. Will you join me? 

Glasses with Prosecco DOCG

Spring is a beautiful period for most of us and I can not imagine those first warmer, sunny days without Prosecco, the most popular sparkling wine. Did you know that the United Kingdom is the biggest importer of Prosecco in the world? No wonder, Prosecco is easily drinkable, can be enjoyed on its own or mixed in popular cocktails all day long… Bellini for brunch, a glass of pure Prosecco with lunch, Spritz Aperol as aperitivo, Pornstar Martini in the bar, you will never get bored. You know why? Because it is EASY GOING. Not complicated, just very tasty and a great match for most meals. 

The big curiosity about Prosecco on the British market is that 92% of imported Prosecco is Prosecco DOC, meaning lesser quality Prosecco. The only possible reason why the Brits accept drinking basic Prosecco is simply lack of knowledge of Prosecco DOCG and lower availability. My vision is to change this - I'm bringing you my favourite premium Prosecco DOCG with easy and fast access. Now let's have a look and find the best Prosecco to welcome spring 2023. SprinGO!!!


Prosecco Springo Green - unfiltred Prosecco DOCG col fondo

Our SPRINGO collection ranks amongst the most premium Prosecco DOCG available. It comes from the territory "Rive'' that denotes specific vineyards where Italians produce a lower quantity of grapes the harvest is conducted purely by hand. Only carefully hand picked grapes can become the highest quality Prosecco. Can you imagine what challenging work it is in this hilly and humid area? We are very grateful! Denominations "Rive" and "Cartizze" are your guide, if you are looking for the very best quality Prosecco. Check this article and use the pyramid below as your Prosecco DOCG guide :) 

Pyramid explaining classification of Prosecco.

The Springo collection distinguishes itself through superior quality accentuated by beautiful bottles and packaging. Every bottle is dressed to impress - wrapped in beautiful green, blue or bronze. And guess what? The wrapping is done by hand, as well as the harvesting for this special collection.

Springo Collection offers Prosecco Extra Brut, Dry and Col Fondo. Prosecco Blue Extra Brut will be appreciated by those of you who prefer dry wines, Prosecco Bronze Dry is more fruity and sweeter. Prosecco Green Col Fondo is a very special sparkling wine with no filter and no residual sugar.

                 Prosecco Springo brut naked.                     Prosecco Springo Brut dressed

Prosecco Springo Blue - Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Brut

               Prosecco Springo Bronze DOCG Dry                       Prosecco Springo Bronze DOCG Dry naked

Prosecco Springo Blue - Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry

Prosecco from the Springo collection is a perfect gift, as well as the ideal sparkling wine for parties and events where you want to impress. These bottles and bubbles are simply remarkable. Which one intrigues you the most? You can buy the complete collection or one by one. And don't forget that the next day delivery is on us if you order 3 or more bottles by 1pm (work days).

Be fizzy&happy,

Kristyna, Founder 

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